Shale Drilling Plays Key Role in Presidential Campaign

Thus far MDN has refrained from commenting on the presidential campaign. It will be no surprise to MDN readers that we think Obama has an abysmal record on energy, particularly when it comes to shale gas drilling. It seems the Romney campaign shares that view. The Obama administration’s energy record is a recurring theme of Mitt Romney on the campaign trail, as it was yesterday when he was in Pennsylvania at Consol Energy:

Surrounded by employees at Consol Energy’s Research and Development Facility, Mr Romney assailed President Obama’s policies, blaming them for the increase in energy prices.

"The onslaught of regulations — holding off on drilling in the Gulf; holding off on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf; holding off on drilling in Alaska; trying to impose the federal government into fracking regulations…all the regulations relating to coal," Mr Romney said, ticking off a list of policy decisions made or continued by the Obama Administration. "These things have made the cost of energy go up."

Mr Romney has made energy independence a continual refrain on the campaign trail, advocating a policy using all energy sources in order to break America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy. He has repeatedly criticized the President for relying too heavily on renewable energies – solar and wind – at the expense of more traditional, carbon based fossil fuels.

"How in the world the President says, as he did the other day, he’s for all of the above when it comes to energy," Romney pondered before the crowd of about 150 people. "I couldn’t figure that out given his policies. And then it struck me – he’s for all of the sources of energy that come from above the ground, alright. Wind and solar. He just doesn’t like the things that come from below the ground."

The Obama campaign quickly fired off a release, defending the President’s record, while attacking Mr Romney for not telling the truth about his own energy record as Governor of Massachusetts and accusing Romney of being in the oil industry’s pocket.*

MDN will do its best to stay out of the campaign (he said/he said quickly gets boring), but we may bring you a tidbit from time to time.

*Fox News (Apr 23, 2012) – Romney Pushes "All of the Above" Energy Policy in PA

  • Anonymous

     Try Looking into the last 3 times the Nat Gas bill came up in the Congress and Senate over the past 3 yrs… Take a good look at how each Senator and Congressman voted…. Republicans defeated it.. Tomey voted NO!!!  along with another Republican congressman from Pa.. That bill would have insured Pa’s future …  You Blame Obama..Just like the rest of them you haven’t a clue as to what goes on behind the scenes…
      A BILL on energy Never Reached Obama’s Desk to be signed!!! 
     Educate your readers on what actually is going on in Washington and you will get a person who votes smart and for their own interest… Instead of shooting themselves in the foot over rhetoric and bad journalism ….   
     I would bring up the site,but I am sure you can net search it on your own.. You will find out more info like Conservatives opposed it ..Tea Party darlings told their puppet congressmen and woman to vote no  and you will also find great American sounding names oppose it..What they are behind those names is big oil and coal.. Like the Koch bros..
     The Do nothing Congress republican have stalled this country and Pa and NY are paying the price..   
       I repeat, ” An Educated Voter Votes Smart!!!”  Let the Southern Christian’s shoot themselves in the foot,but we should Move on…