PA Drillers, Industry Groups File to Join Act 13 Lawsuit

The oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania is not sitting on the sidelines idly while a group of municipalities attempts to temporarily halt, and eventually overturn the new Act 13 drilling legislation passed earlier this year. Seven municipalities along with an enviro-leftist group and a doctor are suing the state to stop Act 13 (see this MDN story for background, and this guest post from one of the litigants).

The Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association and the Marcellus Shale Coalition have filed a petition seeking to join the lawsuit—on the other side, trying to stop the lawsuit by the municipalities.

A coalition of oil and gas industry companies is challenging a group of municipalities who are suing the state of Pennsylvania over a new law that aims to regulate gas drilling.

The Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association, the Marcellus Shale Coalition and several companies filed a legal petition Thursday morning, seeking to intervene in the lawsuit filed by municipalities last week.

The municipalities want an injunction stopping the law from taking effect and, ultimately, for it to be struck down.

The new petition from the oil and gas industry groups says that overturning the new state law, known as Act 13, would negatively impact the industry.*

*Binghamton (NY) Press & Sun-Bulletin (Apr 5, 2012) – Oil, gas industry groups seek to join lawsuit