Frack Wastewater Treatment Plant in Blossburg, PA Expands

Hydro-Recovery operates a shale gas fracking wastewater treatment facility in Blossburg (Tioga County), PA. It’s just announced a $15 million expansion of the plant with plans to add an additional 20-25 employees and ramp up to 24/7 operations. Construction is set to start as soon as permits are received on a “crystalizer and six 500,000 gallon storage tanks.”

…the crystalizer will be used to make other products, such as road salt and other industrial salts from the used brine water that is no longer recyclable, in accord with a new permit being developed by the state Department of Environmental Protection to allow brine to be "de-wasted" and used to make the salt products.

In addition to making hydraulic stimulation fluid from recycled frack water, the company recently expanded its treatment operations to include oil and gas liquid and pipeline construction mud, as gas pipeline is going in around the region.*

Hydro-Recovery is also constructing a $10 million acid mine drainage water treatment plant in Antrim, PA. That facility will use acid mine drainage from abandoned coal mines around Blossburg to convert it to fracking fluid for natural gas drilling operations—something the SRBC is actively promoting (see this MDN story).

About 8 million gallons of treated acid mine drainage water will be stored in freshwater impoundments at Antrim and an additional 3 million gallons of brine at Bloss.*

*Williamsport (PA) Sun-Gazette (May 12, 2012) – Hydro-Recovery expansion to begin in Tioga County