NY Town Votes NOT to Ban Drilling (!)

In a somewhat unique turnabout, some townships in New York State are voting to not adopt a gas drilling ban, preferring to let the state complete it’s now four-year-long review process before making any decisions about drilling. One of those towns is Colesville:

With only one resident in attendance Thursday night, the Colesville Town Board staked out a position against banning natural gas drilling.

One by one, municipalities with less critical views on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas have quietly passed resolutions that counter the dozens of others local governments in New York state — including the City of Binghamton — that have enacted the temporary or permanent bans on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

"It basically says the town is going to let the state do what the state is doing, and we’re going to wait until they’re done and see what their findings are," said Councilman Glen Winsor. "Obviously, they have more expertise in it than we do."

Councilman Steve Flagg said it doesn’t make sense for Colesville to "ban something that hasn’t been written," referring to the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation’s ongoing effort to draft permitting guidelines for hydraulic fracturing.

"I’m not saying for gas or against gas," Flagg said. "All I’m saying is I’m not going to make that decision until I’ve had a chance to let the experts weigh in on the law."*

Who knew such uncommon common sense could be found in New York?!

*Binghamton (NY) Press &  Sun-Bulletin (May 4, 2012) – Colesville board opposes gas drilling ban