Democrat Left Eating Their Own, Attempt to Destroy Ernest Moniz

Every now and again (doesn’t happen often), the Democrat left in our country will “eat one of their own.” It’s happening right now with Dr. Ernest “Hair” Moniz, President Obama’s choice to head up the Dept. of Energy after the resignation of Dr. Steven Chu. Dr. Moniz is a very smart guy–like Albert Einstein smart. He’s a nuclear physicist and director of the MIT Energy Initiative. Moniz believes in global warming flummery and he’s a Democrat, so you’d think the left would love him. Thing is, he also believes the best way to get to the alternative energy nirvana that the left pines for is to use clean-burning natural gas and fracking to get there. That position crosses the line for many in the whacko-eco movement.

And so, day after day we see a steady stream of articles that give Moniz the equivalent of an economic anal exam (he’s very wealthy), questioning every consulting gig and job he’s ever held, trying to tie him to “industry” so they can destroy his reputation and his chances of ascending to the top spot at Energy. Here’s just one example from (not surprisingly) Bloomberg:

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