ShaleNavigator Service Adds 10K Acres to Available Property Layer

MDN is happy to give a high-five and shout-out to our Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook co-editor Ed Camp and his excellent ShaleNavigator online shale mapping service. Not long ago Ed added an “Available Property” map layer to the ShaleNavigator service which shows acreage available for leasing. The great thing about ShaleNavigator? You can add other layers, like pipelines, wells permitted/drilled, etc. Add all of those layers together with the Available Property layer–now you’re talking! Is this acreage near other leased acreage? Close to wells already being drilled? Pipelines in the area? Using ShaleNavigator’s Available Property and other layers together is like going from monochrome to full color.

The “new news” from Ed is that he’s just added another 10,000 acres to the Available Property layer. ShaleNavigator is a great service for individual landowners, landowner groups, drillers, midstreamers, landmen–anyone connected to the shale drilling industry in the Marcellus/Utica region. Today’s press release from our friend Ed:

ShaleNavigator adds over 10,000 additional acres to its Available Property map layer.

Web-based mapping software provides landowners an opportunity to display their acreage among pipelines, permits, wells and lease offers in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays.

ShaleNavigator, the web-based mapping solution for shale oil and gas information, has added over 10,000 new acres available for lease or purchase this month. “Landowners are choosing to list property in ShaleNavigator’s map, and by doing so, allow gas companies and mineral buyers to see their acreage among pipelines, permits, and wells,” said Edward Camp, developer of ShaleNavigator. “Oil and gas companies, mineral rights investors, and land acquisition firms operating in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays can quickly find and connect with property owners through this service, which marks a major milestone in meeting our subscriber’s needs.”

Property reporting tool added

In addition to the Available Property service, ShaleNavigator’s Property Reporting service allows subscribers to enter a street address or coordinates and generate a detailed report on wells, well permits, pipelines, and lease offers surrounding user defined locations. The service allows Pro Version Subscribers 10 reports per month and helps subscribers quickly evaluate current development in their areas of interest.

The new Report Generation feature combined with the powerful mapping system enables Pro Version Subscribers to stay current with fast-moving developments in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays that affect their property, landowner group, or Company’s position within the Shale Gas landscapes,” said Camp.

Accessing ShaleNavigator

A free 7 day trial account is available by signing up at // Pro Version Subscriptions, which include the new Property Report feature, are available for only $99/month, or $899 for an entire year. Multi-user group discounts are also available.

We use ShaleNavigator to present critical information to our buyers, and its been a great help in developing new projects and prospects across the Appalachian Basin.
– Justin Burgess, JD, CPL, Arete Acquisitions