PA Dems Continue to Beat the “Tax & Regulate Marcellus” Drum

Here’s not a surprise: The eight (or ten or twelve) Democrats who have announced they’re running against incumbent Republican PA Gov. Tom Corbett next year want to more than double the taxes on Marcellus Shale drilling and slap super-strict and unnecessary new regulations on drilling. Ever hear of an elected Democrat who wasn’t in love with taking YOUR money and giving it to other people? Or an elected Democrat who doesn’t love micromanaging your life for you–telling you what you can and can’t eat, drink, smoke, do? (Everything except sex–you can have all the risky sex you want.) No, we haven’t either, which is why we NEVER vote for them. EVER.

We won’t make this an anti-Democrat diatribe–MDN has lots of Dem subscribers (and friends) and we appreciate them all–and we hear from them when we make these kinds of comments. 🙂 Have no fear–we will not cover the upcoming PA governor’s race ad nauseam. However, every now and again we’ll bring you an illustrative story of the PA governor’s race just to remind you of the philosophical Grand Canyon that exists between those who truly support drilling and those who would, by intent or ignorance, crush it with ill-advised over-tax and over-regulate policies…

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