Inergy: Boycott NY Businesses that Support ‘Gas Free Seneca’

boycottIt’s interesting to MDN that when anti-fracking protesters call for boycotts of businesses that either support or (gasp) are part of the shale drilling industry, such a boycott is considered brave and courageous and a-OK. But when someone on the pro-drilling side suggests those who support fracking and the natural gas industry may want to boycott the businesses donating money and time to fight the natural gas industry, that’s “bullying” and mean and evil. Anyone else smell a hypocritical rat? We’re referring to a recent brouhaha over Inergy Midstream’s (now part of Crestwood Midstream) plan to develop a liquid propane storage facility using depleted salt caverns along the edge of Seneca Lake near Watkins Glen, NY. MDN has long covered the fight by Inergy to bring the only new storage facility proposed in the northeast (badly needed), and the people who want to stop it (see NY Protesters Arrested for Blocking NatGas Storage Facility).

In June, a VP for Inergy sent an email to 25 people suggesting they may want to boycott the businesses using their time and money to actively oppose the Inergy facility. Those businesses are part of the “Business Coalition” of the organization called Gas Free Seneca (GFS). The email sent by the Inergy VP–now six months old but but just coming to light–has GFS in a tizzy. GFS has responded with their own email that they are “extremely disturbed” by this “bullying” from Inergy. That is, GFS doesn’t like the shoe being on the other foot for a change (poor babies). We have the story of the email, and the list of the (current) 181 NY businesses that Inergy (and you) may want to consider boycotting…

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