3 Anti-Drilling MD Commissioners Want Fracking Delayed…Surprise!

It’s been a loooong road in Maryland, evaluating whether or not they should, and if so how, to move forward with hydraulic fracturing of shale in two counties in the state. Failed Gov. Martin O’Malley appointed a commission nearly three years ago to study it. A couple of studies have been created with two more still to go–due by August 1st of this year. The two remaining studies are nebulous “heath effects” (sound familiar?) and economic impacts from drilling. MDN has always joked that Maryland was the only state more dysfunctional than New York when it comes to shale drilling. We were wrong–New York is at the bottom of the heap. We think Maryland could actually beat us to the drill bit. Maybe.

However, we noticed an op-ed written by three members of the Maryland Safe-Drilling Advisory Commission, all three anti-drilling, that argues Maryland should be *more* like New York and delay. They say, in essence, “Ain’t no way those two studies can done in time.” So the answer? Delay. Hey, the delay strategy has worked in spades for NY–why not try it in MD? Here’s the op-ed (and what you get when you appoint anti-drillers to a drilling commission)…

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