The Disgusting PR Mess in Ohio – No One Smells Pretty

You have to hand it to Democrats. As Rahm “the Godfather” Emanuel once stated, they never let a serious crisis to go to waste. And if there isn’t a serious crisis? They manufacture one, of course. And that’s what Dems are doing in Ohio. You know MDN is not a fan of RINO Gov. John Kasich and his penchant to raise severance taxes just to give it away to buy votes, and we’re certainly no fans of his jingoistic “foreigner” hunting. But Kasich is being unfairly targeted by Democrats over the recent “revelation” that the ODNR had a public relations plan cooked up to deal with nutjobs (mostly Dems) who would oppose drilling under (not on) one state forest and two state parks (see ODNR Ticks Off Anti-Drilling Sierra Club with Drilling PR Plan). The Dems are now calling for an investigation. (Funny how they never want to investigate our lawless President, isn’t it? But we digress.)

Kasich now says he doesn’t want any drilling under (not on) that one state forest and two state parks, and hasn’t wanted it for a year and a half–although he never publicly announced it. Translation: the Dems have already won the PR war on this issue and have made Kasich back down. Kasich should have, instead, thrown it in their faces by pushing forward with a plan. Here’s the sad story of a complicit media, hypocritical Democrats, and wimpy RINO Republicans (a disgusting mess)…

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