ShaleNavigator Service Adds Frack Waste Facilities Layer to Maps

As many MDN readers know, MDN editor Jim Willis partners with Ed Camp from ShaleNavigator, using ShaleNavigator’s top-notch mapping software to create the marvelous maps found in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook series. Ed maps the most recent round of permits issued (over the previous four months) on county maps, showing driller name and location for each volume of the Databook. But the maps show a lot more than just permit locations–like major natural gas pipelines, the locations of compressor stations and over a dozen other “layers” available to users of the ShaleNavigator service.

You can now add one more layer to the service: the location of waste facilities used by Marcellus and Utica Shale drillers. You may also recall that the most recent volume of the Databook, Volume 3, contains that very information: a complete list (with addresses and phone numbers) for waste facilities. Ed has used the location data for those waste facilities and added a new layer for users of his excellent service. The press release is below. Be sure to give ShaleNavigator a try by signing up for a free 7-day trial account

ShaleNavigator, the web-based mapping solution for shale oil and gas information, has added over 150 data point locations for facilities currently accepting fracking wastewater. “Our subscribers asked for this data to be identified and added to ShaleNavigator, and the successful addition marks another advance in meeting customer needs,” said Edward Camp, Founder of ShaleNavigator mapping.

The fracking wastewater facilities list was originally compiled for the Marcellus & Utica Databook, a publication joint authored by ShaleNavigator and Marcellus Drilling News. Now added as an interactive map layer in ShaleNavigator, it joins pipelines, permits and wells as a staple for subscriber business intelligence needs.

The new layer addition is aimed at helping subscribers quickly evaluate current development in their areas of interest in the fast-developing shale gas landscapes.
Accessing ShaleNavigator

A free 7 day trial account is available by signing up at // Pro Plus Subscriptions, which include 100 Property Reports per month, are available for only $199/month, or $1,999 for an entire year. Enterprise discounts are also available.*

*ShaleNavigator (Mar 4, 2014) – ShaleNavigator Adds Fracking Waste Facilities to Pro Subscription Level in Shale Oil & Gas Mapping Software