Latest Attack on PA Drillers: Discrimination

horse pooPennsylvania’s Act 13 Marcellus drilling law, passed two years ago and now partially gutted by seven selfish towns (see Act 13 Case Goes Back to Court, Drillers Petition to Join Lawsuit), has a provision that requires PA drillers to provide “maximum practicable contracting opportunities for diverse small businesses,” defined as minority, women, or veteran-owned businesses. Please don’t get us started on reverse discrimination in this country. Just play along for the moment and pretend such silly ideas are good and righteous (when indeed they are not). Fortunately the Act 13 law does not set quotas–but it does require an annual survey to be filled out and returned to the state. Apparently some drillers have not been filing their paperwork (naughty white boys) providing platitudes about how they try to find “diverse small business” to shower with their largess. Voila! A new, instant issue which anti-drillers will use to try and bludgeon to death the miracle of hydraulic fracturing and the economic miracle happening in Pennsylvania.

The hew and cry will go out that drillers are all white, rich men who discriminate against the poor and disadvantaged. Which is, of course, horse manure…

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