Anti-Drilling Group Sues PA over Budget and $ from State Leases

The litigious anti-drilling group Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation (PEDF) waited all of about two hours after PA Gov. Tom Corbett signed the 2014 PA budget before filing a lawsuit to prevent the use of money from leasing more state forestland and parks for drilling under (not on). Gov. Corbett originally requested $75 million in new revenue from the effort. As we pointed out, that $75M represents exactly 0.00255 of the budget (see PA Dems: No Leg to Stand on Criticizing $75M Forest Drilling Plan). In other words, a rounding error. Never mind that Ed “fast Eddie” Rendell sold $444 million worth of leases that drill on as well as under, when he was governor. House and Senate Republicans upped the number to $95M and Corbett signed the budget, so the PEDF is trying to make legal mischief, once again…

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