Dela. Riverkeeper Opposes New Electric Line Because of…Fracking?

So screwed up are the fossil fuel haters that they’ve taken to opposing a proposed new regional electric power line that would run from Pennsylvania to points in New Jersey, New York and Maryland because (follow this twisted logic)–it runs through Marcellus Shale regions and the new power line will be an incentive for power plants to locate in that region to tap into cheap, abundant and clean-burning natural gas to generate electricity at a cheaper cost than can be generated in other places. And even though fracking has been proven not to contaminate water (see Federal NETL Study: Fracking Doesn’t Contaminate Water Supplies), apparently the word hasn’t yet reached THE Delaware River Keeper herself (Maya van Rossum) because she says the power line will be an incentive for more fracking and fracking is evil ’cause fossil fuels are evil and la la la la don’t tell me otherwise I’m-not-listening…

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