Anti-Drillers Continue to Use NY Decision to Bully Other States

no bullyingMore evidence to support what MDN has been telling you: That nutjob anti-fossil fuelers are using the New York decision to ban fracking in an attempt to bully other states (see Anti-Drillers Seek Domino Effect in More States After NY Frack Ban). Three odious groups are behind much of this bullying: Food & Water Watch, Earthjustice and the National Resources Defense Council. Notice which “network” they run to for rebroadcast of their pap–the anti-American, terrorist-loving Al Jazeera. Also notice that before the NY ban these same people said there isn’t all that much of an economic benefit for fracking in NY. No reason to frack in NY, no one would make any money on it. Now that the ban is in place? They say fracking in NY would have been “a financial boon for the state” which makes Cuomo’s decision “momentous.” It’s called talking out of both sides of a lying mouth…

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