Let’s Use Anti-Drillers’ Road Map to Win the Fracking War in NY

The preening and pretentious Chip Northrup has weighed in on how and why a “rag tag” band of hippies “won” in New York’s battle to ban fracking. Chip pretends to be Somebody in the oil and gas world, implying that he’s run oil/gas operations, when all he has done is invest in oil wells with his trust fund money. Chip has a summer home in Cooperstown, NY where he likes to attend local lib cocktail parties–so he became a minor anti-fracking celebrity due to his “oil and gas connections”–a kind of “whistleblower” from “the industry” who appeared on anti-fracking television stations (in Albany) and gave interviews to anti-fracking “reporters” (in Albany) to talk about the horrors of fracking. He’s a real legend in his own mind. Anywho, Chip outlines for us on his No Fracking Way blog how his side won this round. We found this graf interesting and instructive, where he describes his side’s “stalking” (their word) of Gov. Andrew Cuomo…

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