Anti-Drillers Don’t Like Being Considered Suspects in Crimes

Some children are never taught the life lesson that actions have consequences–and that you have to take responsibility for your actions. Some of those children grow into adulthood never learning that lesson. If you belong to groups that engage in “peaceful” blockades of fracking facilities or drill sites or pipeline sites, while shouting and screaming like you’re possessed, you might end up on a “watch list” by law enforcement. Why? Because some who act the very same way you’re acting tilt over into acts of lawlessness–sabotage and breaking things. It’s only prudent to keep an eye on groups of people who might be prone to such actions. But if you’re a spoiled child who grew up to be a spoiled adult, you take offense at being held to account for your actions because, well because YOUR actions shouldn’t have consequences. Your actions never had consequences when you were growing up–why should they now? We’re speaking about those who don’t like the fact that law enforcement–and yes, the drilling industry–keeps an eye on people who may be prone to breaking the law…

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