Maryland Dems Introduce Liability Bill in Attempt to Ban Fracking

Maryland’s anti-drillers aren’t going down without a fight. On his way out of office, Maryland Democrat Martin O’Malley set the wheels in motion to allow fracking in the state (see Maryland Gets Ready to Frack! Gov O’Malley Files New Regulations). Almost immediately a Maryland Democrat in the House of Delegates, from a Washington, DC suburb, introduced a moratorium bill (see Maryland Delegate Introduces Moratorium, Before Fracking Begins). That bill isn’t getting any traction, so the Dems have returned to a favorite tactic used by totalitarian governments around the world: you’re guilty until you prove you’re innocent. It’s the exact opposite of the jurisprudence philosophy that underpins the greatest country on earth–ours. In the USA, you’re innocent until proven guilty. But a new bill just introduced in the Maryland legislature, actually supported by Maryland’s Democrat attorney general, would flip that around and presume drillers are at fault if there’s the least little change in water quality, air quality, etc. Under this bill, you’re guilty and YOU WILL PAY until you prove otherwise. In other words, this bill is a ban on drilling flying under a different name…

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