PA Gov Wolf Turns Bully, Threatens Ban on Drilling Absent New Tax

no bullyingSomehow in the flurry of news last week when Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf released his so-called proposal to tax the Marcellus Shale industry (see PA Gov Wolf Proposes Marcellus-Killing 7.5% Severance Tax), we missed the fact that Wolf threatened the entire Marcellus Shale industry with a ban on drilling if the industry doesn’t fall into line and support his tax. Sure sounds like good old Philly-style break-their-kneecaps talk from the kinder, gentler and oh-so-much-smarter than everyone else Tom Wolf. His precise words: “…the alternative is not really no tax, the alternative is no drilling, a ban as in the case of New York.” Our collective jaws hit the ground. How can anyone not see this man for what he is? For what he’s trying to do (end drilling)? Like an old-style mob boss–you pay him or you get hurt–and hurt real bad. Fortunately, some groups like the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association (PIOGA) isn’t taking Wolf’s threat lying down. They’re in the mood to fight…

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