Marcellus Pipeline Likely Coming to S Jersey, Confirmation Vote

Since early 2014, MDN has chronicled the almost impossible task that utility company South Jersey Gas set before themselves–running a very short 22 miles of pipeline to an electric generating plant that has been ordered to switch from burning dirty coal to burning clean Marcellus Shale gas (see Sierra Club, LWV Chooses Coal over NatGas in South Jersey). It’s an almost impossible task because the pipeline would need to run through 10 miles of scrub pine trees that some in the region believe are sacred. In particular, the NJ Sierra Club and the League of [Liberal Democrat] Women Voters are opposed to the plan and pressured the Pinelands Commission, the state regulatory body that oversees the area, to not approve the plan. NJ Gov. Christie then booted two of the members of the Pinelands Commission last May and nominated two new members, bringing us a step closer to achieving the impossible (see Marcellus Pipeline May Come to South Jersey After All). It’s taken almost a year, but the NJ Senate has just confirmed the second of those two new members, which most people read to mean that the Pinelands Commission will now vote to approve the South Jersey Gas pipeline…

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