Kathleen “Wag the Dog” Kane Says Chessy Investigation Almost Done

One of the Democrats’ favorite tactics: When the spotlight is on you because of your own criminal behavior, try to turn it elsewhere. Quick, anywhere! Bill Clinton tried it when he was being dogged by the Monica Lewinsky scandal–he bombed an aspirin factory in the Sudan. It’s called Wag the Dog–as in create a new issue to distract people from the old issue you don’t want them to focus on any more. Apparently Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, is using the same tactic. A grand jury says Kane broke the law herself in her role as AG by committing perjury (see PA Grand Jury Finds Anti-Drilling AG Kathleen Kane Lied Under Oath). Kane is fighting the charge in court by using Bill Clinton’s lawyer attack dog Lanny Davis. Apparently Lanny is now advising Kane to Wag that Dog too. So Kane is saying her investigation of Chesapeake Energy over shorting landowners out of royalties due to them is “almost wrapped up”–which of course has everyone buzzing and forgetting about her own criminal behavior…

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