Hawaii Swears Off Natural Gas – Aims to be 100% “Renewables” by 2045

no LNGThe idiotic governor of Hawaii, David Ige, recently signed legislation that will bankrupt his state down the road. Ige, with an irrational hatred of fossil fuels, including clean-burning natural gas, signed a bill in June that requires the state to use electricity derived 100% from so-called renewable sources by 2045–just 30 short years from now. This week Ige said that does not include the use of natural gas. Good luck with that. Germany is trying to transition to 100% renewable electricity and their electric rates are through the roof, stifling business and driving companies out of the country because they can’t afford to operate there. That’s the future for Hawaii. In particular Ige dissed LNG this week saying that even though it’s cheap and getting cheaper, “it is a fossil fuel.” There you have it. Fossil fuel prejudice on full display. We once coined the phrase “fracking derangement syndrome” or FDS for anti-drillers in the northeast. Seems to fit Gov. Ige too. Here’s the thing: the pen Ige used to sign the bill into law was made from and with the use of fossil fuels (plastics). His clothes? Made from plastic fibers, i.e. fossil fuels. The shoes on his feet? Partially made out of fossil fuels, and the energy used to make them came from fossil fuels. Same for the chair he sat in, the desk he used, the cameras snapping his picture, the car he drove to work, the materials used to build the governor’s mansion…all done with fossil fuels. It is IRRATIONAL to hate and restrict the use of fossil fuels because of an idiotic belief in man-made global warming. When will people like Gov. Ige wake up? His dangerous and twisted belief has just sentenced Hawaii to become little more than a third world country economically. Hopefully a future governor will reverse course…

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