Rogersville Shale Secrets Exposed – Appalachia’s “Next Big Thing”?

The editors of the top-flight NGI Shale Daily publication have put together a free special report on the Rogersville Shale–and you can download it by providing only your name and email address. So far, the Rogersville Shale, a formation that’s part of the Rome Trough in the Appalachian Basin, has largely flown under the radar. A new special report from the editors of NGI’s Shale Daily exposes what some E&Ps had hoped to keep secret. A half dozen or more E&Ps are clandestinely attempting to learn more about the Rogersville Shale–and a land grab is on to lock up lease rights for thousands of acres before the word gets out. An E&P early pioneer in the Rogersville drilled a test well in October 2013 that was later permitted for full production. The company secured a one-year confidentially agreement before they are required to release a completions report. On or about August 20, the one-year time limit expires. What new information will be disclosed?…

NGI’s Rogersville Shale special report answers these questions and more:

  • Which two states contain the Rogersville Shale?
  • How deep is the Rogersville?
  • Which E&Ps are clandestinely trying to learn about the Rogersville with test wells?
  • Which non-Marcellus/Utica E&P is the surprising early pioneer in the play?
  • Which big Marcellus/Utica E&Ps are actively testing in the Rogersville (and where)?
  • What kind of lease terms are being signed on Rogersville acreage?
  • When were the first test wells drilled in the Rogersville?

With maps, charts and loaded with information, if you have an interest in shale energy–and in the Appalachian Basin–head on over and download this must-have free report now!

Download the special Rogersville Shale report here: //

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, MDN editor Jim Willis does contract work for NGI and Shale Daily. While Jim didn’t write the Rogersville special report (but fervently wishes he did!), Jim did pen the marketing materials that promote that special report. He’s alerting the MDN audience to it because it’s a great report! And it’s free!! So go grab a copy and learn more about this fledgling shale play located in the same general vicinity as the Marcellus/Utica.