Philly Enviro-Nazis Attack Dem Councilman for Visiting Drill Site

geenaziA story in Philadelphia Magazine perfectly illustrates the Nazi-like control freaks that inhabit anti-fossil fuel organizations like Food and Water Watch and the fringe group Action United. Philadelphia City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. is a bone fide, card-carrying liberal Democrat. In 2011 Jones called for a fracking moratorium in the Delaware River Basin. Since that time Jones has actively advocated for no fracking/drilling in the Philadelphia region. Four years ago the Marcellus Shale Coalition invited Jones (and others) to tour a drilling rig, to see how it’s done. At the time, he declined. It’s always so much easier when you stick your head in…the sand. But Jones is a member of the Philadelphia Gas Commission, the group that oversees the city-owned Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW). A recent audit recommends PGW buy more Marcellus Shale gas (see Expensive Audit Tells PGW to Buy More PA Shale Gas to Save Money). So Jones, being on the Gas Commission responsible for overseeing PGW, felt it would be worthwhile to go ahead and take that rig tour and learn the facts for himself first-hand rather than relying on second-hand opinions. So Jones agreed to attend a tour last Friday. He even allowed his name to be put on the invite to encourage others to “go see for yourselves” just what happens at a drilling rig. And that, dear reader, is anathema to the wackos at groups like Food and Water Watch, the Sierra Club, THE Delaware Riverkeeper, Action United, on and on and on. Actually touring a rig and learning that this activity is safe, and advantageous, and not the environmental holocaust it’s made out to be? That blows their lies right out of the water and they can’t have that. And so Food and Water Watch, along with Action United, attacked one of their own–Curtis Jones–for the simple act of visiting a drill site to see it for himself…

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