Bernie Sanders Energy Plan: Ban Fossil Fuels, Turn Thermostat Down

We always smile when we hear the name “Bernie Sanders.” He’s a hapless old idiot. A commie. Someone totally out of his league in running for president. But you know, he has a certain appeal–interestingly enough, with young people. The young people who like Sanders were no doubt mis-educated–not taught of the wonders and superiority of capitalism and freedom over communism/socialism/tyranny. But whatever. Bernie has a large following, which makes it somewhat scary when he announces an energy plan that includes banning all fossil fuels. Ole Bernie thinks we can stick up a windmill about every 150 feet, and solar panels on every home’s roof, and that’ll do it. We’ll be able to “save Mom Earth” by ending our “dependency” on evil, nasty fossil fuels. What dopes–Bernie AND his supporters…

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