Spoiled Rotten Kids Disrupt Paris Climate Conf over Fracked Gas

Captain PlanetThe United Nations COP21 Climate Conference in Paris is attracting some of the craziest of the climate crazies. And they’re from the northeast, no less! A group of college kids–know-nothings–interrupted a panel discussion that included Vermont’s Democrat Governor Peter Shumlin because, they say, the guv is supporting a pipeline that will bring “fracked gas” to the state. We call them clinically insane. If they knew how many pipelines already exist beneath Vermont soil that flow natural gas, we expect they would have an aneurysm. During the panel two of the know-nothings stood up and unfurled a big banner that said Fracked Gas = Climate Change, complete with a kindergartenish drawing that depicts fractures reaching up into the water table (which doesn’t happen–ever). In our day and age of blaming your asinine actions on your parents, or your teachers, or even on cartoons–we’ll blame it on the cartoons. We expect these kids grew up watching Captain Planet on Saturday mornings and believed it hook, line and sinker. Here’s the story of spoiled rotten kids behaving like…spoiled rotten kids….

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