Dela. Riverkeeper Attempts to Discredit PA DEP Shale Radiation Report

Stay tuned for five feet of snow. No, it’s not a weather report, it’s the snow job THE Delaware Riverkeeper (i.e. Maya van Rossum) is attempting with respect to a research report issued by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP). In January 2015, the DEP filed a report following two years of intense study to determine whether/if/how much radiation exposure is an issue in shale drilling. While the DEP found there is sometimes some low levels of radiation, the report concluded there is “little harm” from radiation in shale drilling (for the study results, see PA DEP Completes Fracking Radiation Study, Concludes “Little Harm”). When real science is published that contradicts the political science of global warming advocates like Maya van Rossum, the real science must go. And so van Rossum hired a discredited scientist to produce a review of the January 2015 report by the DEP, calling it “inaccurate and incomplete.” Van Rossum dragged out Dr. Marvin Resnikoff, who was humiliatingly slapped down by none other than the U.S. Geological Survey in 2012 (see Radon Debate: USGS Responds to Marvin Resnikoff Accusation). Resnikoff is the scientist-for-hire van Rossum used in concocting the latest snow job coming from her outfit…

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