TETCO Pipeline Up & Running Post-Explosion; Antis Exploit Accident

Spectra blazeAn update on Spectra Energy’s Texas Eastern Transmission’s “Delmont Line 27” which exploded in Westmoreland County, PA on April 29 (see Texas Eastern Pipeline Explodes near Pittsburgh, Antis Celebrate). We previously told you that not only was Line 27 out of commission, so too were three other pipelines running through the same corridor, meaning 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day is not reaching certain mid-Atlantic markets (see Update on Spectra Pipeline Explosion Near Pittsburgh). The early evidence points to corrosion along welded seams, although the jury is still out and the exact cause may not be known for months (see Preliminary Guess on TETCO Pipeline Explosion Cause: Corrosion). That doesn’t stop antis from engaging in wild speculation and “I told you so” statements, as they are now engaged in. THE Delaware Riverkeeper, which opposed the expansion of horsepower/capacity at a compressor station close to the explosion, is now saying the increased flow rate through the pipeline caused the corrosion. Which all sounds reasonable–until you read the words “I can’t say for certain there is a cause-effect relationship between the increases in [compressor] horsepower and the pipeline explosion, but it is information that should be part of the public discussion about this incident and pipeline safety in general.” Translation: “We won’t let this crisis go to waste. It doesn’t matter what the real cause was, we’ll amp up this explosion in sympathetic anti-drilling news outlets like the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and spread fear everywhere we can–so we can shut down natural gas in this country.” Below is an update from Spectra Energy that one of the four pipelines is now operating again, along with the latest attempt to demagogue and unfortunate accident with absolutely no evidence…

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