Radical Enviros Mad at PA Gov Wolf over Compromises with Repubs

apostatePennsylvania State Rep. Greg Vitali, a far-left Democrat from the Philadelphia area, is a good soldier who knows how to take orders. When Big Green says “Salute!” Greg snaps his arm around faster than you can say “global warming.” A few weeks ago PA’s radical Secretary of the Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP), John Quigley, got fired over an email he unethically sent from a private email account to his close buddies in the Big Green movement, asking them to out so-called “apostate” Democrats who refuse to support his (Quigley’s) radical, anti-drilling agenda (see Smoking Gun: Copy of the Email that Got John Quigley Fired). Apparently one of the apostates is none other than Gov. Wolf himself–according to soldier Vitali who is the designated verbal grenade thrower–tossing some pretty mean-spirited jabs in Wolf’s direction for Wolf’s willingness to accept half a loaf and adopt new drilling regulations for shale/unconventional, while letting rules for conventional drilling slide (see PA Gov Wolf “Eager” to Sign Drilling Law Forced Down His Throat). Vitali and his media enablers (StateImpact Pennsylvania, funded by taxpayer dollars) are savaging Wolf, throwing him under the bus. Not only for exempting conventional drillers from new rules, but also for Wolf’s willingness to bend and compromise with Republicans on other environmental issues. Apostate! (As Quigley calls it in his profane email.) As we previously commented, we enjoy watching the Dems eat their own…

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