The Evil Empire Strikes Back Against Exxon in Court Case

Empire Strikes BackYesterday MDN brought you the story of how New York’s disgusting Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, has been colluding “unlawfully” with other AGs, including the equally disgusting Massachusetts AG Maura Healey (see Letter Proves NY AG, Others “Unlawfully” Ganged Up on ExxonMobil). In June Exxon sued AG Healey–in U.S. District Court for the Northern District in Fort Worth, Texas, attempting to strike a blow against the monolithic and overreaching power of the government (see Exxon Fights Back Against Mass. AG’s Illegal Subpoena). Think of it this way: Exxon is the Rebel Force in Star Wars (the good guys), and Schneiderman/Healey are the Evil Empire (the bad guys). The Empire Strikes Back. Healey filed a motion in that Texas court on Monday asking the judge to dismiss Exxon’s case. In other words, she wants to smash Exxon’s right to free speech. If Exxon doesn’t agree that the fairy tale of man-made global warming exists, and that their product is polluting the planet, Healey wants the right to throw them in jail and take all their money. That’s what this is about. Unbridled, Nazi-like powers against private citizens and private companies by a state run amok…

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