One Year Later PA Pipeline Task Force Report Gathers Dust on Shelf

This is one of those stories that illustrates so beautifully how liberals always operate: all talk, no action. Form a committee, say lots of things, bluster, argue, look like you’re addressing a really important issue–and then do nothing. In this case that’s a good thing! We’re talking about the pomp and circumstance surrounding then newly-minted Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and his so-called Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force. In May 2015, Wolf and his underling Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary John Quigley (who has since been fired) created a “Task Force on Pipeline Infrastructure Development” (see Disaster on the Horizon: PA Gov Wolf Creates Pipeline Task Force). The purpose of the group was “to identify best practices for pipeline siting, permitting and safety.” That is, to hamstring the process of building new gathering pipelines to shale wells. We won’t recount all of the twists and turns–of how the Task Force was packed with government employees beholden to Wolf, etc. Along the way antis tried to protest and derail the meetings held by the Task Force (see PA DEP Sec. Quigley Calls Pipeline Protesters “Badly Misinformed”). In February 2016, Quigley released the Task Force’s Final Report, all 658 pages of it with 184 recommendations (see PA Pipeline Task Force Report: 658 Pages, 184 “Recommendations”). Around the same time, MDN noted “Looks like we worried for nothing,” and that a Task Force member predicted nothing would come from the recommendations (see PA Pipeline Task Force Wraps Up – Did We Worry for Nothing?). It’s now a year later–and the libs at StateImpact are calling attention to the fact that precisely nothing has happened–the report sits on a shelf gathering dust…

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