“Thousands” in PA Healthcare Send Ltr re Methane Regulations

AFTERNOON UPDATE: We now have a copy of the so-called “open letter” as it was posted from the Scribd website to share with you (see it below). In viewing the properties of the document (image below) you will find that the the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and DC-based Smoot Tewes firm–started by two former Obama campaigners–were behind the letter. Kelsey Robinson, an EDF communications person in Austin, was the author. None of the signatories on the letter are from the EDF. In other words, this was a sham, made-up piece of anti-drilling propaganda from the beginning–and the Post-Gazette reporter played along. Just another example of fake news from a mainstream newspaper.

A small group of anti-drilling healthcare workers (i.e. doctors, nurses, etc.) are, once again, trying to stop Marcellus Shale drilling in Pennsylvania. Their latest angle of attack is a publicity stunt using one of their favorite tools–the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The Post-Gazette runs a story today that opens this way: “Thousands of Pennsylvania doctors, nurses and other health care professionals have sent a letter to the Marcellus Shale Coalition, requesting that it stop legal challenges and lobbying against regulations aimed at controlling drilling air emissions and safeguarding public health.” Several paragraphs later we read this: “The letter, scheduled for release Monday, is signed by about 40 individual doctors, nurses and health care workers, and organizations representing more than 40,000 doctors, nurses, researchers, and health professionals.” In other words, “thousands” did not send a letter, but in reality, “about 40 individuals” did. That’s called fake news. And it’s being pedaled by the same rabidly radical antis (who happen to work in the healthcare industry) we’ve heard from before. They are committed to irrationally ending the use of fossil fuels, and they’ve apparently enlisted the help of a sympathetic “reporter” to do it…

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