Maryland’s Traitorous “Republican” Gov Caves, Supports Frack Ban

There were early signs that Maryland’s newly elected “Republican” governor was weak on the subject of fracking, as we pointed out in 2015 when we said that then-new Gov. Larry Hogan, who was elected on a platform of supporting shale drilling, had decided to let a two-year moratorium on shale drilling become law without his signature (see Maryland’s Pusillanimous Gov Allows Frack Moratorium to Become Law). We should have know then that Hogan has no political courage. Recently environmental nutjobs in Maryland have turned up the heat, demanding a total and complete fracking ban by passing a law. The House passed a bill to ban fracking (see Maryland Democrat Lawmakers Continue to Torpedo Fracking). The bill has, so far, been stalled in the Senate. But maybe not for long. On Friday, Gov. Hogan, a spineless “Republican,” said he now supports a complete and total ban on fracking, forever, in his state. He’s “concerned” that if the Senate puts the measure out for a public vote/referendum, fracking in the state might actually happen one day. That’s called governing against the will of the people Mr. Hogan. That’s something Democrats do, not Republicans. What a disappointment this one-term governor has turned out to be…

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