Actor James Cromwell Going to Jail for Blocking NY NatGas Plant

James Cromwell as Zefram Cochrane in Star Trek

It looks like Hollywood actor and anti-fossil fuel activist James Cromwell will get to enjoy prison food for a week. For the last couple of years, MDN has reported on a $900 million Marcellus gas-fired electric generating plant coming to Orange County, NY (see Orange County, NY Marcellus-Fired Electric Plant OK’d by Judge). The CPV (Competitive Power Ventures) Valley Energy Center project has been vigorously opposed by local anti-drilling ninny nannies, including Cromwell. Cromwell is a spoiled rich kid from Manhattan who happens to own a home near the plant. He’d prefer to keep Upstate pristine, as his own private playground. Cromwell enlisted some neighbors and six of them got themselves arrested in December 2015 for blocking construction at the site (see Actor James Cromwell Arrested Protesting NY Power Plant Site). No matter. The plant is now under construction, as we reported in March. Construction of the plant is “moving full-steam ahead” and is on track to go online in early 2018. What about Cromwell and the other criminal protesters? The wheels of justice grind slowly. In June of this year, Cromwell and his fellow criminals stood before a judge, after being found guilty for their actions, and were fined $375. The judge told them to pay up by June 29 or go to jail. Cromwell defiantly said he won’t pay, he *wants* to go to jail (see ‘Wayawanda Six’ Convicted of Illegally Blocking NY Power Plant Project). Cromwell is going to get his wish–and get to sample jailhouse cuisine. Three of the “activists,” including Cromwell, have just been ordered by a judge to serve a one week sentence in Orange County Jail for refusing to pay the $375 fine–which is about how much Cromwell pays for a tip at one of his Hollywood power lunches. Cromwell’s lawyer begged and pleaded and got a tw0-week extension. Pay by July 14, or off to the clink…

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