Bizarre Complaints to Water Authority re Shell’s Ethane Pipeline

An article published in the anti-drilling Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is quite bizarre–even by Post-Gazette standards. The article reports concerns expressed by residents in Beaver County, PA at a recent meeting of the Ambridge Water Authority. The opener quotes one resident this way: “‘No one knows what’s going to happen when the explosions are set off,’ said Bob Schmetzer, 70, of South Heights, referring to the underground blasting required in the fracking process. ‘God forbid that the dam would breach and take out human lives down Raccoon Valley … that would be a national catastrophe.'” Uh, Mr. Schmetzer sir…and “reporter” Eliza Fawcett…there IS NO FRACKING involved with installing a pipeline. Perhaps they’re both a bit confused? Mr. Schmetzer’s confusion likely comes from working with a local anti-fracking group, the Beaver County Marcellus Shale Awareness Committee. The meeting appeared to have gone downhill from there, with wild claims that “volatile compounds” from the Shell cracker plant will “settle” in the Ambridge Reservoir, endangering everyone who drinks water from it. And that the area will become “Cancer Valley”…

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