MVP Surveyors Outsmart Va. Landowners, Survey at Crack of Dawn

Just yesterday MDN reported on a small group of gentry landowners living in the lavish Bent Mountain area of Roanoke County, VA who illegally blocked access to surveyors from Mountain Valley Pipeline (see Va. Landowners Illegally Block MVP Survey Crew on Bent Mountain). Even though the surveyors have the right, under Virginia law, to enter their property and conduct survey work, even without landowner permission, the landowners called in the cops and the cops “suggested” to the surveyors that they get a court order first. Even though a court order is not required. It is an abuse of law enforcement and a waste of time and money. So the surveyors left. And then they returned the next morning (yesterday morning) at the crack of dawn, before the gentry landowners had risen to sip their first cup of coffee. The surveyors got their work done–and left. And when the landowners found out, they were outraged–that they had been outsmarted, by lowly, hoi polloi surveyors. People who get their hands dirty on the job…

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