“Privileged White” Actor James Cromwell Jailed for Power Plant Protest

James Cromwell as Zefram Cochrane in Star Trek

Hollywood actor James Cromwell is not only a privileged, spoiled 77-year old, he’s also self-loathing–because he’s white. That’s what we take from an article appearing in People magazine and its interview with Cromwell, who starred in movies like Babe, The Sum of All Fears and (one our favorites), Star Trek: First Contact. Cromwell, a Manhattanite, maintains a home in Orange County, NY (i.e. “Upstate”). When Cromwell learned that an electric generating plant that burns evil fossil fuels (natural gas) would be built near his home, he thought he would do what all Hollywood stars thinks will work–shut the project down by protesting. You know, because he’s famous. What a dope. After initial court challenges went nowhere, CPV (Competitive Power Ventures) began building the $900 million Valley Energy Center project in Wawayanda, NY (see Orange County, NY Marcellus-Fired Electric Plant OK’d by Judge). In December 2015, Cromwell and a few star-struck sycophants got themselves arrested for illegally blocking the entrance to the construction site (see Actor James Cromwell Arrested Protesting NY Power Plant Site). The wheels of justice grind slowly, but finally, two years later, the “Wawayanda Six,” as they call themselves, were found guilty and ordered to pay a fine. Some of the six did, but Cromwell and a few others refused. So last Friday Cromwell went to jail, where he’s sitting right now, for a seven-day sentence. Prior to heading off to the clink, Cromwell gave an interview to People in which he says, among other things, that’s he’s “excited” to be going to jail. He then said this: “So yes, I’m excited. I’m excited because I will have had an experience that not a lot of privileged white people have, what it’s like to be in there. What that system does to people who have no choice of how long they’re in there — they’re not gonna be in there for a week, they’re gonna be in there for years.” Our translation: Cromwell hates himself because he’s white and he’s privileged. Which is kind of ironic–because he tried to stop a $900 million project that will benefit the unprivileged people living in his area (with jobs and local tax revenue) precisely by USING his white, privileged status. Talk about conflicted!…

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