WSJ Harpoons NY Gov Cuomo for His “Blockade” of Natural Gas

The editors at the Wall Street Journal have taken the gloves off with respect to the insane policies of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo when it comes to natural gas. Because of Cuomo’s “blockade” of natural gas, by banning fracking and by blocking natural gas pipelines from Pennsylvania into NY, Cuomo stands on the cusp of not only ruining his own state with high prices for natural gas–he’s going to ruin it for other states (like those in New England) as well. Cuomo wanted the Indian Point Nuclear plant closed–and it’s closing. He wants coal plants closed, and they have. But at the same time, the state is adding new natural-gas fired electric generating plants, like the one in Orange County. So far, Cuomo’s corrupted Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has refused to issue a permit for a pipeline to feed the plant (see NY DEC Holds Sham “Hearing” for Power Plant Pipeline). If the plant doesn’t get the pipeline, it will burn dirty oil instead. The state is building 11 new microgrids that use natural gas to generate electricity–including in the center of NY’s capitol, Albany (see NY Building Not Just One, but Eleven (!) NatGas-Fired Micogrids). And yet Cuomo continues to reject major pipeline projects to bring more gas to NY. Guess what that will do to the price of natural gas and electricity in the Empire State? And what about the price of natgas and electricity in New England? Already Northeast residents pay 29% more for natural gas and 44% more for electricity than the U.S. average. What a tragedy. Loads of natural gas waiting to serve those markets, produced in PA, WV and OH–and Cuomo refuses to let it in. The Journal takes him to task for it…

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