History Made! FERC Overrules NY DEC on Millennium Pipe Permit

Finally the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has had enough shenanigans from the corrupted New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC). In a historic, precedent-setting decision, on Friday FERC overruled DEC’s denial of a water permit for Millennium Pipeline’s tiny 7.8 mile pipeline spur from the main Millennium Pipeline to a natural gas power plant under construction in Orange County, NY. On Wednesday, Aug. 30, the DEC issued a denial letter to FERC and Millennium. In it, they claim that FERC’s review of the power plant project (that the pipeline will feed) is deficient based on a recently-decided court case about a pipeline project in Florida (see Corrupt NY DEC Denies Water Permit for 7.8 Mile Power Plant Pipeline). The radicalized DEC used the Florida case as an excuse to refuse stream crossing permits for the Millennium Pipeline project–claiming FERC had not considered long-term effects of mythical man-made global warming that would come from the power plant if the Millennium pipeline is connected to and feeds the plant. The DEC decision was a naked attempt to grab power not given to it under federal law. FERC said ENOUGH, and ruled on Friday the DEC had taken too long (over one year) in dithering with a decision on the Millennium pipeline request. A recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia said FERC has the power and authority to overrule the DEC when they take longer than one year to grant permits (see DC Court Tells Millennium FERC Can Override NY DEC Pipeline Delay). So FERC just exercised their federal, court-approved authority and smashed the DEC into the ground. LOVE IT! Of course the humiliated DEC spit and sputtered and said they will likely sue…

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