PA House Member Intros Resolution to Stop DRBC Frack Ban Effort

Rep. Jonathan Fritz

Pennsylvania House of Representatives member Jonathan Fritz, Republican from Wayne County, PA, is one of the rising stars in the PA House. MDN editor Jim Willis has met and spoken with Rep. Fritz twice. Great guy. Conservative. Head screwed on straight. Fritz serves areas of both Wayne and Susquehanna counties in the northeastern corner of PA. Does Wayne County sound familiar? It should. It’s one of two counties the radicalized Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) wants to ban fracking in (see Governors from PA-NY-DE Vote to Ban Fracking in Dela. River Basin). A few weeks ago, the liberal Democrat governors of three states–PA, NY and DE–had their representatives vote to begin the process of placing a permanent ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) within the Delaware River Basin–supposedly because fracking is a threat to some 15 million people who get their drinking water from the Delaware River basin. Just one teeny tiny problem. Fracking IS allowed, and has been happening for over 10 years, in the neighboring Susquehanna River Basin, where over 4 million people get their drinking water. The SRBC (Susquehanna River Basin Commission) wisely does not restrict fracking–they only manage water withdrawals. There have been NO water issues in the SRBC. Yet the libs in the DRBC demand a ban based on a false meme of water contamination risk. Last week, Rep. Fritz introduced House Resolution 515, which (if passed) calls on the DRBC to abandon its efforts to strip away the property rights of people in the DRBC’s jurisdiction by enforcing a frack ban…

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