MAX Enviro Not Walking Away from M-U, Wants to Expand PA Landfill

MAX Environmental has operated the Bulger hazardous waste landfill in Smith Township (Washington County), PA since 1958. One of the primary customers for the landfill over the past 10 years has been the Marcellus industry–dumping drill cuttings (leftover dirt and rock from drilling) at the landfill. Earlier this year, MAX sold itself to Altus Capital Partners–a private equity investment firm–for an undisclosed amount (see Pittsburgh-based MAX Environmental Purchased by Investment Firm). With the closing of the deal, MAX’s CEO/owner, William Spencer, rode off into the sunset and Bob Shawver was brought in as the new CEO. Shawver acknowledged it would have been “nuts” not to pursue business from the shale industry when it was going gangbusters, but Shawver said he would “retool” MAX–away from depending on the Marcellus industry. MAX will no longer be known and branded as a company in the oil and gas space. Shawver is rebranding the company, going after customers that are the region’s “traditional bread and butter”–manufacturing, industrial facilities and construction (see MAX Environmental Walks Away from Marcellus/Utica). Except reality has set in and plans have changed. MAX is applying for a permit to expand the Bulger facility by 21 acres, to continue doing what they are doing now. And what, you may ask, are they doing now? “Most of the residual waste MAX accepts now consists of drill cuttings from the Marcellus Shale industry.” Looks like MAX isn’t walking away from the Marcellus after all…

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