“Fugitive” Methane on the Rise. Why? Cow Farts & Burbs

We’ve written in the past about silly nutters who stay awake at night worried that the earth is going to fry to a crisp–any decade now. Often the oil and gas industry (i.e. fossil fuels) are blamed for an increase in methane in the atmosphere. But the reality, as we’ve written many times before, is that agriculture–cows and rice paddies–are the real culprit. In Oct. 2013, we wrote this article: Cows Belch Methane Like a Fire Breathing Dragon! In Feb. 2014, this: Biggest Producer of “Fugitive” Methane is… Cows?! By August of 2016, the nutters had truly lost their minds, attaching experimental backpacks on cows to trap fugitive methane: Environmentalists Lose Their Minds, Strap Methane Backpacks on Cows. In Oct. of 2016, a pair of studies: NOAA Research: Cows & Rice Farms Biggest Source of Fugitive Methane and 2nd Study Affirms Cow Burps & Rice Paddies Causing Fugitive Methane. Must be something about the month of October and methane anxiety. The fake news outlet Washington Post has just run yet another article on methane and how it gets into the atmosphere. Once again the researchers have concluded (for the umpteenth time) that the increase we are seeing in so-called fugitive methane in the atmosphere largely comes from cows–burping and farting…

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