ISO New England Warns Blackouts Coming If No New Gas Pipelines

How often do we have to repeat the warning that electrical blackouts are coming to New England if the region does not get new sources of natural gas by building more pipelines? This is not some reckless, wild eyed blogger guy saying it–the warning comes from the top, from the people who operate the electric grid! We first raised the warning back in 2014 (see Officials: New England Faces Blackouts Without New Nagas Pipeline). Last May ISO New England–the independent, non-profit Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) that manages the electric grid for Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont–released a study that warned of a coming shortage of natural gas to fire electric power plants in wintertime (see Study: New England Electric Shortage from Lack of NatGas by 2025). ISO New England is back with another reporting warning of “dire scenarios in the future” if New England doesn’t wise up and get more natgas pipelines built. “Without additional natural gas pipeline capacity, rolling blackouts or other emergency actions will likely be needed by the winter of 2024-2025 to keep the power system operating reliably.” It’s sad to see New England’s so-called leaders continue to block new pipelines to the region. One or two well-placed pipelines from the Marcellus could help the region avert the completely predictable disaster that’s on the way…

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