NY Reconsiders Building Tiny NatGas-Fired Elec Plant in Albany

It doesn’t happen often, but we’re speechless. We’ve lived under the apparent illusion that as stupid and insane as liberal leftist environmentalism is, that deep down underneath there’s still at least a small sliver of pragmatic truth that lives. Example: Even though NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has banned fracking, and blocks natural gas pipelines from getting built (bowing to pressure from the enviro left), at least Cuomo is on board with building a tiny natgas-fired electric generating plant in the heart of Albany, to power the bloated government complex that exists (see NY Gov Cuomo Building New Fracked Gas Elec Plant to Power Albany!). Sure, Cuomo’s fringe/nut/kook base doesn’t want the tiny electric plant built in Albany (see Antis Push Back on Albany, NY Tiny NatGas-Fired Electric Plant). But not even Cuomo would cave to that kind of insanity, right? Wrong. Because of pressure from the enviro left, the New York Power Authority (i.e. Cuomo) announced yesterday it will hold (don’t laugh), “listening sessions” to hear any and all crackpot alternatives that can be proposed using so-called renewable energy, instead of building the natgas-fired electric plant. Which means the entire project, IF IT EVER GETS BUILT, will now be delayed…

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