Antis Push Back on Albany, NY Tiny NatGas-Fired Electric Plant

It’s not supposed to work this way. Wednesday evening a “public meeting” was held in Albany, NY to share details about construction of a “state-of-the-art, locally-sourced mini-power grid” that will connect to the statewide electric grid but will also be able to operate independently, to power the Empire State Plaza in Albany–a complex of buildings in downtown Albany housing much of New York State government (see NY Gov Cuomo Building New Fracked Gas Elec Plant to Power Albany!). The energy-efficient microgrid, powered by fracked Pennsylvania Marcellus natural gas, will supply 90% of the power for the 98-acre downtown Albany complex, and is expected to save the Plaza more than $2.7 million in annual energy costs. Using the new micogrid to generate electricity in downtown Albany will remove more than 25,600 tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere each year–the equivalent of taking more than 4,900 cars off the road. What’s not to love, for an environmentalist? As it turns out, plenty. Some of the more rabid among Andrew Cuomo’s left-leaning base turned out to object to the project on Wednesday. Apparently they didn’t get the memo. Here in NY the corrupt Cuomo rules with an iron fist. This “public meeting” was not about the public objecting to His Lordship’s superior plans, it was about the public shutting up and listening to what’s coming. Don’t worry, Cuomo will make sure they don’t miss the second memo…

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