“Talk About It” Substitutes for Real Science in Marcellus Study

This is one of those zany Friday kind of stories. Yet another so-called study on the Marcellus Shale industry recently caught our attention. We’ve often pointed out the “bought and paid for” research that abounds on shale drilling. This one goes to a whole new metaphysical plane. Instead of researching and drawing conclusions from research data, the recently published study “Engaging over data on fracking and water quality” (University of Pittsburgh and Penn State University) talks about talking about the issue of Marcellus Shale drilling. Yeah. How do you *feel* about drilling? Here, lie down on this sofa while we ask you some questions about your childhood and fracking practices. OK, so maybe a study about how people talk about the issues involved with Marcellus Shale drilling isn’t so far-fetched–if such a “study” were to appear in the Journal of Idiosyncratic Sociology. This “study” however, was published in the journal Science. As in hard science–not social science. So now it no longer matters what real science finds–whether or not fracking actually pollutes water and air. Whether or not living near a fracking site will stunt your growth. Whether or not fracking carves up forests or increases automobile accidents or any of a plethora of other issues. What REALLY matters is what you *think* about all that. That’s what now passes for science in Science

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