Ohio Antis Suffer Big Election Defeats in Youngstown, Statewide

On Tuesday the voters in Ohio once again roared their disapproval of anti-fracking candidates, and anti-fracking ballot measures. For the seventh time in a row, a radical anti-fossil fuel ballot measure was voted down in Youngstown, OH–by an overwhelming majority (56%). Even so, the hardened radicals behind the ballot measure promise to keep bringing it back until Hades freezes over. These radicals have already cost the taxpayers of Youngstown $188,000 to run the ballot measure. And yet they keep coming back. They fit Einstein’s definition of insanity. Statewide voters shot down the candidacy of anti-fossil fueler Dennis Kucinich, the man who pledged that if elected governor he would institute a total ban on fracking statewide (see Ohio Democrat Candidate for Governor Says He’ll Ban Utica Drilling). Ohioans saw right through that nonsense. Only 23% of Ohio’s Democrats voted for Kucinich in Tuesday’s primary–a total humiliation…

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