PA Green Group Uses Kids to Sue Feds for “Indifference to Science”

In August 2015, MDN told you about a lawsuit brought by a group of left coast radicalized children who want to force the federal government to become communist and “force action” on mythical climate change (see Group of Kids Sues U.S. Govt to Force Action on “Climate Change”). There have been a number of legal twists and turns since that time, but the bottom line is the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (in California), often called the “Ninth Circus” because of the clowns who pass for judges who sit on the bench, in March ruled the lawsuit can proceed (see 9th Circus Allows Climate Lawsuit by Radicalized Kids to Proceed). What we didn’t know/realize is that Pennsylvania has its own version of the same lawsuit playing out. The Philadelphia-based Clean Air Council (radical enviro group) glommed onto two children to perpetrate the same kind of fraudulent lawsuit in federal court in the Keystone State. In November 2017, CAC and the two kids they’ve tricked sued Donald Trump (President), Scott Pruitt (EPA), Rick Perry (Dept. of Energy) and Ryan Zinke (Dept. of Interior) claiming their collective actions in “rolling back” environmental protections (put in place by Lord Obama) shows “reckless indifference to science” and should not be allowed. No, this is not the script for a sitcom. This is real. On May 3, the defendants (the federal government) filed a motion to dismiss this nonsensical lawsuit. On May 11, the CAC and radicalized kids responded asking the court to not dismiss…

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