Get an “Unfair” Advantage for 2019 Northeast Oil & Gas Awards

Each year MDN partners with the Oil & Gas Awards to promote their Northeast Awards–a way for companies in the oil and gas industry that operate with distinction to get recognized by their peers. In March 2019 the Northeast Oil & Gas Awards will celebrate their 7th year! We hope that you and your colleagues will be able to share *your* successes and participate in the greatest celebration of our industry at the Oil & Gas Awards in Pittsburgh in March 2019. The deadline to enter is Dec. 12. MDN has what we consider a way you and your company can gain an “unfair” advantage–stacking the deck in favor of your company winning.

Before we share how you can get an “unfair” advantage, over the past seven years there have been thousands of entries and hundreds of finalists and winners. Here is a list of previous winners in 25 categories:

AllStar Ecology, LLC
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Antero Resources
Aon Corporation
ARM Group
Baker Hughes
Beemac Trucking
BEG Group
Bilfinger Westcon Inc.
Blank Rome, LLP
Blue Racer Midstream
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
Cara C. Davis Law Offices
CDM Resource Management LLC
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Civil & Environmental Consultants
Columbia Midstream
Command Energy
Comtech Industries
Crescent Directional Drilling
Deep Well Services
Dominion Resources
Drill Baby Drill Staffing
Eclipse Resources Corporation
EnerCorp Sand Solutions
Environmental Tank & Container
EQT Coporation
Equipment & Controls, Inc.
Eureka Resources
Fortis Energy Services, Inc.
Forum Energy Technologies
FTS International
GasSearch Drilling Services
HalenHardy, LLC
Hodgson Russ LLP
Hydro Recovery LP
HydroEdge Solutions
Infinity Tool Manufacturing
IPC Energy Services, LLC
Junior Achievement Foundation
K&L Gates LLP
Keystone Clearwater Solutions
Kriebel Companies
M3 Midstream LLC
Marcellus Shale Coalition
MarkWest Energy Partners, L.P.
McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc
McTish, Kunkel & Associates
Minnesota Limited
NiSource Midstream Services
Packers Plus Energy Services, Inc.
PennEnergy Resources, LLC
Pickering Associates
Pixel Velocity®
PULS, Inc.
QC Energy Resources
Rain for Rent
Range Resources Corporation
Renegade Services
Resource Environmental Solutions
Rice Energy
Schneider National
Select Energy Services
Shalewater Solutions
Simplified Rail Logistics
Southwestern Energy
Steptoe & Johnson PLLC
Tetra Technologies, Inc
The National Lime and Stone Company
Thrasher Engineering, Inc
Total Equipment Company
Trumbull Energy Services
U.S. Well Services, LLC
Well Master Corporation
West Penn Energy Services
Worthington Industries

Want to See Your Company Listed Among the Winners?

You first pick a category (or categories) to enter, which include:

  1. Award for Drilling Excellence
  2. Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship
  4. Award for Excellence in Health & Safety
  5. Award for Geophysical Excellence
  6. Construction Company of the Year
  7. Consultancy of the Year
  8. E&P Company of the Year
  9. Engineering Company of the Year
  10. Future Industry Leader
  11. General Industry Service Award
  12. Industry Leader
  13. Industry Supplier of the Year
  14. Kerr Pumps & FlowValve Award for Excellence in Well Completion
  15. Law Firm of the Year
  16. Manufacturer of the Year
  17. Midstream Company of the Year
  18. New Technology Development of the Year
  19. Oilfield Services Company of the Year
  20. Recruitment Agency of the Year
  21. Risk Management Company of the Year
  22. The Oil & Gas Financial Journal Transaction of the Year
  23. Trucking Company of the Year
  24. Water Management Company of the Year
  25. Workforce Housing Provider of the Year

There’s a description for each of the above categories on this page, with instructions for how and where to submit an entry.

How to Get an “Unfair” Advantage

Last year, for the first time, MDN editor Jim Willis teamed up with the O&G Awards boys to offer a service were Jim writes your entry for you. What could be easier?! Let us stress right up front there is no funny business, no cheating, when Jim writes your entry. All entries are judged by an impartial team of experts (they don’t know who wrote a given entry). By having Jim write your entry, it’s “unfair” in the sense that Jim is an expert copywriter. He knows how to tell a compelling story–to present your company and its accomplishments in the best light. And Jim knows the industry–from wirelines and zipper fracs, PIGs and pump stations, to crackers and liquefaction. Jim is a tireless advocate for the benefits of shale energy, writing to inform and to persuade.

Having worked in various marketing roles since the 1990s, Jim can construct a polished and professional application that conveys the unique benefits your company offers the industry. Put Jim’s expertise to work for you, and breeze through the application process! Jim understands exactly what a winning submission looks like. Last year all but one of the entries Jim wrote won! (Disclaimer: Past results are no guarantee of future results.)

How it Works

Jim will interview you to draw out the information needed to complete the entry. First up is a phone call to discuss your company, the category(s) you’re targeting, and to establish what information will be required, followed by emails as Jim works on the entry and needs further input. Jim then produces a rough draft for your review. After a round or two of edits, and with your approval, the entry is ready for submission.

The price for Jim’s service is $395, which we hope you agree is a “no brainer” if you’re entering the Awards. There is no cost to submit an application, however, if you intend to participate in the awards (which includes a star-studded ceremony/gala), there are other required costs. You should speak directly with Dan Creasey and the O&G Awards staff about the price of participation.

Limited Time Offer

We have two months before submissions are due. Jim is one person, and preparing these entries takes a serious amount of time and effort. So here’s the ground rules:

  1. First come, first served.
  2. Jim will only write for one company in each category. It wouldn’t be fair to write for more than one company in a category, knowing what’s on someone else’s application.
  3. Jim can write maybe 7-8 of these entries, tops.

The clock is ticking! If you’re interested, please don’t delay. Send along an email asap to: [email protected] to let him know you want his help.

Jim looks forward to seeing you win at the March 2019 gala!