It’s Time to Support Williams’ NESE Project in NJ – Here’s How

An important project from Williams, the Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) which would beef up capacity along the Transco pipeline system going into New York City, is now under review in New Jersey. Part of the project must pass through NJ on its way to NY–and it’s time to sign a petition to the NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

In March 2017, Williams filed a full, official application for NESE (see Williams Files with FERC to Expand Transco Pipeline to NYC, NE). The project will increase Transco pipeline capacity and flows heading into NYC and other northeastern markets. In particular, Williams wants to provide more Marcellus natural gas to utility giant National Grid beginning with the 2019-2020 heating season.

National Grid operates in New York City, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Without this project, the NY metro area is royally screwed (see National Grid Keeps Promise, No New NYC Gas Customers).

There are a number of components to NESE, but the key component, the heart of the project, is a new 23-mile pipeline from the shore of New Jersey into (on the bottom of) the Raritan Bay–running parallel to the existing Transco pipeline–before connecting to the Transco offshore.

This week is the last opportunity to support this critical project as it reaches the final stretch of the permitting process. NJDEP is accepting public comments regarding water quality permits, and Williams needs YOUR help to send a strong message of continued support for the project.

Please sign the support petition that will be sent to the NJDEP before the public comment period ends on April 2.